Exotic Reptiles for sale

Exotic Reptiles for Sale

As you explore the wonderful world of reptiles, you may come to find that the term “exotic pet” is one that is used loosely. Originally, people used the term when referring to wild animals that were not typically housed as domestic pets. Over the years, however, there have been laws put in place to determine what is considered to be an exotic reptile suitable for domestic care and those that are best kept as wild animals. Some common exotic pets include reptiles, amphibians, and even insects. Are you thinking of adding an exotic reptile to your household? Keep reading to learn more about these incredible animals and where you can find exotic reptiles for sale near you. 

Fun Facts About Exotic Reptiles

For anyone that may be allergic to furry pets, exotic reptiles can be a great alternative. There are many low maintenance exotic reptilesthat are suitable for beginners all the way up to experts. However, it is important to keep in mind that many exotic pets do not like to be handled regularly. So, you’ll need to do your research before choosing an animal to bring home. Breeders often suggest that beginner reptile owners pick low maintenance animals like corn snakes, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, frogs, or tortoises. Each of these beautiful and unique reptiles has a low risk of biting and is suitable for households with children.

Other interesting facts about exotic reptiles include:


  • Reptiles are some of the most ancient species on earth.
  • Generally, they require less exercise and daily care than other common household pets.
  • While often easy to care for, reptiles can fall ill as a result of improper diet, excessive handling, or a dangerous habitat.
  • Handwashing is important before and after handling reptiles to keep them healthy and prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • You should never bring home an exotic reptile that you find in the wild. Instead, do your research and only purchase these special animals from trusted breeders like the ones we work with at the Reptile Super Show.
  • Snakes have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, on average and the ball python could live anywhere between 20 to 30 years.


  • Amphibians like the fire-bellied toad and leopard frog are also considered to be exotic pets.
  • They often have very thin and fragile skin that can become injured if left to dry out, or they are handled improperly. So, always handle these unique pets with love and care.
  • Frogs, newts, and salamanders are all capable of absorbing germs and toxins through their sensitive skin. To keep them happy and healthy, they should be handled infrequently and touched with moistened gloves instead of your bare hands.

While they typically require more advanced care than other exotic pets, some amphibians like Pacman frogs make for an ideal starter pet when maintained properly.

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