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The Swalesi Basslet, Liopropoma swalesi, is often known as Swalesi Swissguard Basslet, or Pacific Candy Basslet. It has distinct features as it has alternating horizontal stripes of purple and orange, which makes it captivating addition to any tank. It is considered one of the most active fishes, which makes it lovely to watch. The Swalesi Basslet is considered a reef dweller as it doesn’t bother any crabs, snails and tube worms, but may become aggressive towards small ornamental Shrimp.  We suggest to have plenty of Live rock for caves, and a Sandy substrate in the aquarium for the Swalesi Basslet to hide and burrow. This Basslet will reach a size of  3 inches, and should be kept in a tank no less than 20 gallons if kept individually, and no less than 50 gallons if kept in a pair. The Swalesi Basslet generally peaceful, but may become aggressive towards smaller, peaceful fish. We advise you to keep the Swalesi Basslet in a clean tank which needs to be maintained over regular intervals as the fish are prone to dinoflagellate and protozoan infections if kept in poor quality water. The Swalesi Basslet belongs to a sociable species, and makes a good tank inhabitant.They are carnivorous, and should be fed a diet that of meaty preparations that include finely chopped fresh or frozen marine fish, Squid, Mysis shrimp, and vitamin-enriched Brine shrimp. It should be fed at least twice in a day for its continued good health.   The Swalesi Basslet will thrive in a temperature range of 72-78°F and pH of 8.1


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