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Our primates live in spacious enclosures like their natural environment and are being fed the best quality diets possible. All Tamarin Monkeys are seen by a vet with primate experience, and include a health certificate, paperwork, and what you need to get started with. All levels of guidance in raising your baby will be provided through your ownership of this companion animal.


Buy Tamarin Monkeys online

Tamarin monkeys are extremely active and can jump extremely long distances and require a lot of space to move around.

The white moustached tamarin or Spix’s moustached tamarin monkeys (Saguinus mystax)
It is black with a white moustache, white nose, and brownish back. Its diet consists mainly of fruits, tree gum and insects.

There are two subspecies of the moustached tamarin:
-Spix’s moustached tamarin, Saguinus mystax mystax
-White-rumped moustached tamarin, Saguinus mystax pluto

The cotton-top tamarin (Saguinus oedipus)
One of the smallest primates, the cotton-top tamarin is easily recognized by the long white sagittal crest extending from its forehead to its shoulders.

The red-handed tamarin (Saguinus midas)
The red-handed tamarin monkey is an exceptional climber and spends most of its time among the vines and branches of the trees.

If you are looking for a monkey, contact us today so we can discuss the primates that are currently in our care.


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