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By browsing the following links of our available Savannah kittens, separated by generation for your ease, you will see that we currently have very good availability of Savannah kittens for sale.  However, if you are not finding your perfect kitten or would like to plan for bringing a kitten into your home during a different time frame you can place a pre-Birth Deposit for a future kitten. For your convenience, our Pre-Birth Kitten Contract has been posted on our website. Our Post-Birth Deposit Contract and Purchase Contract can be found on our website as well. Please review the contracts. They may answer several questions for you.


The Savannah kittens are tall and relatively lean, carrying most of their weight in their height rather than their build. They are the largest breed of domestic cat, weighing on average between 20 and 30lb.

The Savannah kittens are a very social creature, and can be trained to walk on a lead, play fetch, and even sometimes perform tricks! They are very active, fit cats that require a lot of room to roam and stimulation.  Fully vaccinated, micro chipped and wormed in a regular basis.

Savannah kittens come in many different colors. The African Serval is widely known for its vibrant golden coat with dark spots. You will also find smoke, snow, black and silver savannah cats.

F1, F2, F3, F4 & F5
There are several classifications for these kittens. They are based upon how much wild serval is bred into the savannah cat. These descendants of the serval will range from 5% to 65% wild serval.


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